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MS / Oxygen Lancing Pipe

MS STEEL LANCES are used for the introduction of powder reagents or inert gases deep into steel for the purpose of refining and for temperature and compositional homogenisation.


Gas purging/powder injection is a key part of the steel refining process. The introduction of alloys or treatment agents by this means ensures faster assimilation and maximum efficiency of the process. In the case of gas purging the process is essential for temperature and compositional homogenisation before casting. PRATIGYA™ MS STEEL LANCES have a reputation for reliability and consistency.


  • Excellent strength and reliability due to the quality of the refractory.
  • Consistent performance over an extended life.
  • Custom design ensures the range of injection and steelplant conditions can be met.
  • Porous plugs are available for gas stirring.
  • With single or multiple outlet ports available