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Radex / Insulax - Perlit

Radex / Insulax - Perlit
RADEX is a range of insulating cover powders designed for use in the ladle or tundish to prevent heat loss during casting. RADEX is a very low-density, free-flowing powder, formulated to reduce heat loss to a minimum. It is normally supplied in handlable bags for the Ladle/Tundish.


RADEX powders are usually added to the ladle surface just before it leaves the secondary refining station to make its way to the continuous casting machine. In the tundish it is added when the steel reaches 1/3 to 2/3 full. The application rate is sufficient to give a 25mm layer of powder on the surface of the steel. In the case of the tundish it should be continually maintained to provide a ‘black’ cover throughout the casting process.


Temperature control of the steel is vital in continuous casting, particularly over long casting periods. Casting should be conducted as close as possible to ensure minimum segregation. To reduce the need to cast with high superheat, it is essential to have an efficient ladle or tundish insulating cover. The application of RADEX powders minimises heat loss from the ladle and the tundish.


  • Radiation heat losses from the top surface of the ladle are reduced.
  • Consistent metal temperatures in the ladle are enhanced, providing smoother casting operation.
  • The ladle metal surface can be covered with RADEX in slag free tapping.
  • Ladle service life is increased.
  • High efficiency assures cost effectiveness.
  • The need for preheated refractory lined tundish lids is eliminated.